Co-Working Sessions

Three-hour sessions – sitting with our laptops working on our social media – give us enough time to get involved in our work, accomplish our most critical tasks, and wrap up for the day. Our time together also involves getting support from me, sharing new skills, and networking with others in a highly-productive space. Let’s have some fun using the new social tools we are learning, to get our voice out there and let our work be known! Remember to bring along or be prepared to create visual and written content for your sites. Advanced registration required.

If you’ve participated in these sessions, you already know how beneficial they are for overcoming hurdles and getting our work done. If you haven’t come before, be sure to schedule a one-on-one consultation with me before registering for any co-working sessions. It’s at our private meetings that we get the initial structures in place – the systems of social containers that carry and disseminate your ideas to your audience.

Most of us are working on our blogs, facebook pages, twitter, email blasts, press releases and press lists. At our grassroots communications co-working sessions, you will surely produce some creative output in good company!

Eventbrite - Co-Working Sessions - Grassroots Communications


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