Single Jewish Mothers get the Red Carpet Treatment at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

by Wendy Kenin, Big Tent Judaism Solo Mothers Concierge for the SF Bay Area

The Jewish Film Institute treated Jewish solo moms as VIPs this summer at its 36th Annual San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. Single mothers with young children received free tickets to four select weekend screenings and pre-arranged free childcare (as needed) at nearby Eureka Valley Arts which offers a warm and loving craftwork wonderland for all babies and kids.

In preparation for the special series of films, the Jewish Film Institute established a special planning committee of solo moms. Anticipating our arrival, Festival organizers provided a special “will call” table for our moms and expedite the check-in process. Mothers were escorted upstairs to the Castro Theatre’s majestic mezzanine, reserved for high level donors, filmmakers and special guests, where they were treated to coffee and bagels.

The free films comprising the Single Jewish Moms program culminated in the presentation of “Screenagers,” which examines the impact of digital devices on our lives and the fraught household negotiations that take place around them. The film was followed by a special Q&A with the Bay Area branch of Reboot and the film’s producer, Lisa Tabb, and subsequently a meetup for the mothers and their children in a nearby park.

JFI staff and Board representatives and filmmakers introducing the films to the audience acknowledged the struggles of single mothers and expressed deepest respect for them and appreciation for the Festival’s accommodations for their needs.

This article first appeared on the blog of Big Tent Judaism September 2, 2016.


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