Call the Midwife 3/2017

Protocols midwives have used for years often make their way into the hospital setting, according to Kenin. She cites as examples the increased prevalence of skin-to-skin contact between babies and mothers within moments of delivery as well as the practice of delaying umbilical cord clamping until the cord stops pulsating or the placenta is delivered to ensure that the baby receives as much placental blood as possible. In fact, in January, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Committee on Obstetric Practice recommended delaying cord-clamping, citing increased hemoglobin levels and improved iron stores for the first few months. In their work, both Kenin, 45, and Ertel, 40, the Pittsburgh-based midwife, offer Jewish teachings to interested women. “As much as they want, we can offer them Jewish sources of inspiration,” says Kenin.

Berkeley Criticized on Shellmound Protection 5/11/16

“It makes you wonder about the authenticity of these actions for justice,” Kenin said last week, commenting on an apparent disconnect between the council resolutions and the work going on in the shellmound area without consulting the Chochenyo Ohlone community.

Crowdsourcing Your Birth – How one mom-to-be is using the internet to help pay for her natural birth 2/2013

“Natural birth advocates are well aware that the childbirth protocols in hospitals are often not scientifically sound, but instead are based on trends to medically intervene in and disrupt the natural labor process.”

Blame for homicide passed between police, protesters 2/2/12

“They are over-responding, and they are putting all their manpower into a peaceful demonstration when they should be responding to calls about potential violence,” Kenin said.

Occupy D.C. Protesters Stay Put as Evacuation Deadline Passes 1/30/12

“I don’t think that Mayor Quan is weighing the big picture — the small amount of destruction caused by these autonomous people that may or may not be part of Occupy Oakland, versus the kind of destruction against the environment, working people and poor people,” said Wendy Kenin, 40, a spokeswoman for Occupy Oakland.

Inside the Occupy Oakland protest 1/30/12

“The amount of property damage by protesters has been minimal next to Mayor Quan’s destruction of the humanitarian Occupy Oakland community and excessive force against peaceful people, said Wendy Kenin, an Occupy Oakland spokesperson. “The City of Oakland’s commitment to militarism far outweighs its investment in schools.

Peace & Justice Commission to Obama: Apologize 10/17/2011 

Kenin, who has served on the Peace and Justice Commission since 2008, said Berkeley’s stance on controversial issues has helped raise international awareness on a number of them, including the detention of Bradley Manning, and now, she hopes, on Operation Geronimo.

Jewish group visits Native American vigil in Bay Area 5/9/11

“We wanted to support the Native people trying to protect their sacred site and reflect upon similar experiences we have had with our sacred places,” said Wendy Kenin, who organized the event.

Gitmo Detainees Coming to Berkeley? 2/15/11

California: Trying to Open a Door to Detainees 2/10/11

“This is one thing we can do to right some wrongs of our federal government,” said Wendy Kenin, chairwoman of the city’s Peace and Justice Commission, which drew up the resolution.

Guantanamo Bay detainees may get invite to Berkeley  2/9/11

“Our hearts are with all those people who were never tried, held for years and in some cases tortured,” said Wendy Kenin, chairwoman of the city’s Peace and Justice Commission, which crafted the resolution. “As a municipality, this is one thing we can do to right some wrongs of our federal government.”

Berkeley Tables Vote On Honoring WikiLeaks Soldier 12/14/2010

“It was an amazing service he provided to our country so we can make informed decisions about war and how it affects our troops around the world,” argued Berkeley Peace & Justice Commission Chair Wendy Kenin.

J Street confab shows generational divide on Israel 10/27/2009

Wendy Kenin, 37, of Berkeley, Calif., a member of the Green Party, said she was less interested in staking out her own views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than in the process of “bringing all different perspectives together.” She called the views of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, J Street and Students for Justice in Palestine, all worthy of consideration.

Local leaders rally to support Efren Paredes Jr. 4/8/2009

“It’s a local issue to us,” said Wendy Kenin of the Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission. “This gives us an opportunity to weigh in­to take a stand on the issue of juvenile sentences of life without parole.”

Berkeley departments skirmish over 3M contract 1/27/2009

But the library request did not meet the criteria, said commissioner Wendy Kenin. “There was really no convincing evidence that the loss of the investment” would be worth waiving the ordinance, she said. “We take it very seriously that Berkeley promotes peace in the world and, for that, stands out among cities internationally.”

Berkeley City Council opposes U.S.-Mexico border wall 3/5/2008

“Among the many issues about the wall that Homeland Security is lawlessly constructing through the International Boundary Zone between the US and Mexico, perhaps the least known issue is the continuous militarization of the indigenous communities who have been and still are terrorized bi-national peoples ever since the lines were drawn,” activist Wendy Kenin told the council at the February 26 meeting.


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